5th European Conference on Sustainable Cities & Towns | V Conferencia Europea de Ciudades y Pueblos Sostenibles

Sevilla2007 | Taking the Commitments to the Streets

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The Spirit of Sevilla

European local governments commit to advance implementation of sustainable development policies

Over 1500 delegates from European local governments have committed to act immediately and implement advanced policies for local sustainable development. “The Spirit of Sevilla” is the culmination of the Fifth European Conference on Sustainable Cities and Towns and endorses the Aalborg Commitments.

This event represents a major milestone in the pursuit of a sustainable Europe, with strong attendance and vigorous debate highlighting the importance of sustainable development for local politicians in Europe. The commitment of delegates to immediately advance implementation of the Aalborg Commitments is an important step towards a sustainable Europe.

A Spanish-language book entitled El Espiritu de Sevilla, compiled by the City of Sevilla, is now available. The book provides a context of the Sustainable Cities and Town Campaigns work, outcomes of former conferences, the progress of the Aalborg Commitments achieved as well as detailed plenary and session descriptions of this year's Sevilla 2007 conference.  Contact us for more details.


Sevilla 2007 aimed to inspire local governments by providing examples of successful implementation of the Aalborg Commitments. Keynote speakers included Cristina Narbona Ruíz, the Spanish Minister of the Environment; Mayor of Sevilla, Alfredo Sánchez Monteseirín; and Dennis Meadows, Honorary Member of the Club of Rome.

In Sevilla, local governments have committed to adapt policies and actions to meet sustainability challenges. Local governments will assess progress to achieve their targets by setting indicators, undertaking regular monitoring reviews and make results available to citizens.

Across Europe, cities and towns will take the Aalborg Commitments to the streets by engaging with their citizens and stakeholders to ensure progress in local sustainability. Their work will inspire and motivate other cities and local authorities to enter into the Aalborg Commitment process.

“The Spirit of Sevilla” calls for local governments to sign up to the Aalborg Commitments and join this common process. The challenge for Europe is clear, and from today, there is a stronger mandate to implement sustainable development through the Aalborg Commitments.

You can download this text as a press release with further information on Sevilla 2007 from here: Press release 23 March

The Fifth European Conference on Sustainable Cities & Towns took place in Seville, Spain, from 21-24 March 2007.

The event built on the success of local governments to meet and concretely commit to advancing sustainability in Europe. 

Sevilla 2007 followed a series of conferences held in Aalborg 1994, Lisbon 1996, Hannover 2000, and Aalborg 2004.

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